The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) is a comprehensive and certifiable security framework. Companies seeking this certification must implement and successfully operate their in-scope controls for 90 days in order to achieve a validated assessment.

Unlike other Cybersecurity standards (ISO, SOC 2, etc.), the ultimate report and decision for certification is issued by HITRUST. Therefore, the assessor has restrictions related to control operations. In addition to control having to operate for at least 90 days to be considered effective, assessors only have 90 days from the kick-off of fieldwork to complete the assessment, leaving companies lacking confidence in their implementation without certification and wasted assessment fees.

RISCPoint helps ensure you have an environment that will achieve a passing score by providing expertise from HITRUST Certified CSF Practitioner with experience performing assessments, and close alignment with the leading HITRUST assessment firms. Now, more than ever, it is critical to find an experienced consulting partner to ensure a successful certification experience.

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What Makes RISCPoint a Revolutionary Partner in Cybersecurity and Compliance?

100% Success Rate

100% Success Rate

Our clients have 100% Certification Success Rate. In a climate where the number of certifications that are rejected continue to increase, our success shows our commitment to quality.

Custom Tailored

Custom Tailored

We tailor every engagement to your organization’s specific needs to maximize Return on Investment.

Experience Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Our engagements are supported by experienced healthcare and cybersecurity professionals with the HITRUST CCSFP certification.

Key Partnerships

Key Partnerships

We partner with all the major Cyber and HITRUST assessment firms to ensure aligned methodology, obtain partner pricing for our clients, and secure prioritized scheduling.

Hands-on Tactical Delivery

Hands-on Tactical Delivery

Our team takes a strategic consulting approach with a hands-on tactical delivery to ensure the big picture is considered while the details are perfected.

RISCPoint’s Approach to Information Risk Management and Compliance

RISCPoint specializes in helping organizations with all of their compliance needs, including building a HITRUST program that meets all of the detailed HITRUST criteria, including the consideration of new standards that have been imposed. Part of those would include the new 90-day standards, where all controls must operate for a minimum of 90 days, and all audit evidence must be obtained within 90 days of the beginning of your assessment for certification (engaging with your assessor firm).

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