RISCPoint rings in 2022 with new Chief Operating Officer, Adam Lowe

January 3, 2022 • Anna Hochberger

RISCPoint Advisory Group, an industry leader in providing custom-tailored cybersecurity and compliance services, is proud to announce the hiring of seasoned executive Adam Lowe as its new Chief Operating Officer. Lowe has served on RISCPoint’s Advisory Board since January of 2021 and played an instrumental role in the firm’s rapid growth over the past year.

“Adam is unique, his passion for helping others grow and learn shows through every day at the firm, and was something I first saw when he was a RISCPoint client that helped us understand how to improve our branding. We were fortunate to have his guidance as our first advisory board member and we were thrilled to bring him on to help us navigate our continued growth.”

- Jacob Nix, RISCPoint CEO

After graduating from the University of North Florida with a degree in economics, Lowe began a storied career in roles spanning business development, technology and executive leadership. He has a proven track record of success in taking companies from startup, through growth stages all the way to exits as well as driving transformation and success within fortune 50 enterprises. Adam excels at building high performing teams, developing best practices, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Lowe worked as a full-time consultant prior to his formal addition to RISCPoint, previously serving as the Chief Operating Officer at fitness technology company Peerfit and Chief Technology Officer of WellMatch and iTriage at Aetna.

“Having experienced the fantastic level of service and expertise RISCPoint provides as a client and then being able to observe the exceptionally high level of business performance and integrity ingrained in the firm, I am honored to have the opportunity to be a part of the company’s continued growth.”

- Adam Lowe, RISCPoint COO

With decades of experience, Adam Lowe brings a wealth of knowledge and strategy to RISCPoint’s team of consultants. His hiring reaffirms RISCPoint’s commitment to providing the best service possible to its clients and signals a strong push to carry the momentum gained in 2021 into 2022.

“Having Adam at the helm of operations will allow us to continue to grow our team, and provide exceptional, tailored service to our clients in 2022. We’ve already piloted Adam as a unique addition to our vCISO team’s where he can bring his expertise in navigating technical topics, contracting, healthcare and operations to help our clients succeed as well.”

- Jacob Nix, RISCPoint CEO

About RISCPoint

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