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Every organization can benefit from penetration testing. It plays an instrumental role in any cybersecurity program, protecting systems against attacks and, potentially, saving organizations thousands of dollars in damages and loss to reputation – if not millions. 

Penetration testing comes in all shapes and sizes, but all are conducted as simulated cyberattack against a computer system, a network, or an entire organization, to check for existing and exploitable vulnerabilities. Depending on the type of test performed, each will assume different roles with different levels of access to an organization. 

  • Black Box– The uninformed attacker; the tester is given little to no information regarding the IT infrastructure of a business.
  • White Box- The inside attacker; the tester has full knowledge and access to the source code and environment.
  • Gray Box- The in-between attacker; the tester has partial knowledge or access to an internal network or web application.

When performing a penetration test for our clients, some of our main technical services include in-depth assessments of the following:

  • Network Services (internal and external)
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Wireless Networks

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