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Being SOC compliant doesn’t have to…SOC. But, balancing compliance with key business objectives takes an experienced team that can integrate with your organization. That’s where we come in. 

At RISCPoint, our team is an extension of your own. That’s why we integrate our suite of experts and consultants with your team to implement a SOC 2 compliant control environments, personalized to your organization’s specific posture and needs. 

The results? A 100% audit success rate, and a sustainable solution for your business. Here’s how we do it, at a glance: 

  • Workshops and Compliance Roadmap Development:
    • Overview of Third-Party Reporting Compliance Process
    • Boundary review and audit scoping
    • ROI identification and justification
    • Tailored educational sessions for key stakeholders and executives
    • Development of detailed roadmap for compliance
  • Gap assessments
    • Overview of Third-Party Reporting Compliance Process
    • Review of existing compliance documentation (Policies, procedures, process flows, etc.)
    • Identification of gaps in the current control implementation
    • Development of risk-ranked recommendations and future state roadmap
  • Flexible Enterprise Control Framework Development
    • Identification of existing controls and the development of leading practice controls that achieve compliance with multiple third-party attestation requirements
    • Remediation Assistance

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